Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader

Cellular renewal

With the Augustinus Bader method, we can optimise and loosen the attachments of the fasciae and generously moisturise the skin – using the unique TFC8® technology in our products. It is an ongoing and sustainable rejuvenation process that leads to continuous improvements when the chosen product continues to be used at home after the intensive professional care treatment.

In the SPA

Visibly healthy skin

Inspired by over three decades of science and innovation, Augustinus Bader’s award-winning approach to professional skincare is rooted in ground-breaking stem cell research and trusted by the world’s most discerning experts. Professor Bader’s clean, efficient formulas are powered by TFC8®, a proprietary cellular renewing technology: a patented blend of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins, and synthesised molecules that transform the potent formulations into smarter, adaptive skincare capable of addressing individualised concerns.

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Clinically proven to help support the body’s natural regenerative processes, the treatments will lead to a fresh, healthy glow – beauty from the inside out.

The Introductory Facial

A science-backed treatment to introduce skin to Professor Bader’s award-winning cellular renewing technology, TFC8®, and achieve an instant glow. This customised facial leverages Augustinus Bader’s hero formulas to help boost hydration and cellular communication, promote circulation, and firm, tone and refresh, zeroing in on the skin’s unique needs for immediate, visible results. This introduction is followed by a personalised skin care consultation to keep improving the complexion and supporting the Biological Wisdom of the Body.
60 min.

The Bader Glow Facial

A streamlined, highly effective version of the Augustinus Bader Method, a bespoke, science-backed treatment that combines Professor Bader’s award-winning skincare technology, TFC8®, with customised fascia massage to stimulate cell rejuvenation, reshape, and lift the contour of the face. Skin is thoroughly double cleansed in preparation for application of formulas developed to support and boost the skin’s natural repair process. The signature fascia massage techniques enhance circulation
for optimal product absorption and delivery of key active ingredients, followed by the exclusive detoxifying and ultra-smoothing sheet mask ritual for immediate calming and glowing effects, whilst also enjoying a stimulating scalp massage using the famed Augustinus Bader scalp treatment as well as the hand treatment for a relaxing Hand and Arm Massage.
90 min.

The Augustinus Bader Full Body Experience

This unique professional treatment leverages the Augustinus Bader Method– a sophisticated, customised skincare experience leveraging the award-winning brand’s proprietary TFC8® renewal complex to firm, soothe, and rejuvenate from head to toe. The experience begins with a gently exfoliating Augustinus Bader Oil and Herbal Mountain Salt Scrub, then continues with a superficial fascia massage to activate tissue metabolism and stimulate cellular communication and repair. Finally, the entire body is enveloped in a luxurious layer of Augustinus Bader’s cult hero, The Body Cream, clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and achieve a visibly softer, smoother, and firmer look and feel in just one session.
90 min.