Our fine dining restaurant

The style reminds of the grand, french luxury restaurants. In the front, the "Velvet" features an elegant lounge with cosy benches, in the back a little but swell gourmet restaurant with a capacity of approximately 20 persons. Excecutive chef Jens Riemann focuses on an award-winning combination of international and Asian cuisine.

Dominating color of the seating covered with velvet is "purple". Purple is one of the most expensive colorants and stands for "vitality" in symbolism. In Roman times purple was reserved for the togas of triumphators and emperors, later on purple was the cardinals´ color. Visual contrast: Beechen panels, that are stained dark-brown and adorn the walls all around.


In the winterseason (December to March) the LOUNGE is opened daily from 4 p.m., the RESTAURANT from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. - for hotel guests and guests from outside.




We are pleased to reserve your preferred dinner table. Restaurant Manager Robert Sabitzer and his team are looking forward to your call: T +43 5356 71900.